Entering the medical profession with pride and celebration

Cameras flashed and cheers filled Alumni Hall as the Medicine Class of 2016 walked across the stage to receive their green hoods and officially enter the medical profession.

It was a memorable ceremony for the graduates, faculty, staff, family and friends.

Dr. Harold Merskey, professor emeritus, received an honorary degree at the ceremony, recognizing his life-long work as a champion of patient care, civil rights and psychological pain research.

Dr. Rob Hammond, associate dean, Admissions, and honorary class president, was awarded the Class of ’62 Award and Dr. Bertha Garcia, vice dean, Education, received the Douglas Bocking Award. These honours recognize important contributions to medical education.

Valedictorian Dr. Jeffrey Hepburn addressed the crowd with an emotional tribute to his classmates. “Let this degree bring out the absolute best in you,” he said.

Dr. Michael J. Strong, dean, captured the air of excitement and pride during his speech. “You will indeed change the world with your deeds and actions, and that process begins today,” he said.

A video of the full ceremony is available on the School’s Livestream page.

Enjoy a slideshow of the photos captured at this year’s ceremony. Can’t see the slideshow below? View online.