Distributed Education profile: Congratulating faculty award recipients - Drs. Ryan Carlini and Tom Haffner

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s annual Awards of Excellence programs in London and Windsor recognized two distributed education faculty members. Congratulations to Drs. Ryan Carlini and Tom Haffner.

Dr. Ryan Carlini, Adjunct Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Windsor Family Medicine - Faculty of the Year Award

Dr. Carlini was recognized for the exemplary mentorship and training he provides to learners.

He fosters an enriched learning environment that includes a collaborative effort with the South West Detention Centre. He has been instrumental in coordinating and securing medical care for inmates there. This allows them access to quality health care, and provides his residents and students with a unique experience.

He is also a true advocate of resident wellness and career development. He demonstrates, by example, the importance of balancing work with life outside the clinic. He is a wonderful mentor and deserves to be acknowledged for the great contributions he has made to the Windsor Family Medicine program.

“My goal is to highlight opportunities in family medicine and show how enjoyable it is as a full-time profession,” said Dr. Carlini. “I am truly honoured to be recognized. I can only hope the students and Family Medicine residents enjoy each rotation within my practice as I enjoy having them spend time with me.”

Dr. Tom Haffer, Adjunct Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Schulich Award for Excellence for Faculty in Distributed Sites

Dr. Tom Haffner is strongly committed to providing evidence-based education to medical students and residents while simultaneously providing timely care to his patients. He tailors his teaching specifically to each learner’s needs at the beginning of rotations, and is clear about his expectations for each resident’s improvement. He is known to provide strong feedback which in turn improves the clinical skills of learners.

“I really value the opportunity to work with medical students and residents, and to help them grow as physicians,” he said. “Working with learners also helps keep me connected to Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and the excellent staff and physicians that work at the School.”

Dr. Haffer is described as humble, supportive and encouraging with other hospital staff and allied health professionals demonstrating true team-based patient-centred care in his everyday practice.

He is grateful for the recognition from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and says it helps him feel connected to the School’s education mission. “We all play a role in educating medical learners, whether it is in the classroom on campus or teaching skill sets through a community rotation,” he said. “Schulich Medicine & Dentistry recognizes the value distributed education plays in the education of students and residents.”