Schulich Medicine Education Conference – Featuring Dr. James Rourke

It will be quite a homecoming for Dr. James Rourke, dean, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University and former assistant dean, Rural Regional Medicine, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, as he returns to London for the Schulich Medicine Education Conference on April 1.

Dr. Rourke, MD’76, is delivering the evening’s keynote presentation. His presentation is titled “There and Back Again: Lessons Learned in the Rural Medicine Journey at Western”. He will speak about the development of rural medicine at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry as well as the lessons he’s learned along the journey – perhaps peppered with a few additional Tolkien references.

“My time at Schulich Medicine was great leadership preparation and development,” he said. “The School nurtured my leadership, helping me thrive and survive as a dean for 12 years.”

As the founding director of the Southwestern Ontario Rural Medicine Education, Research and Development Unit (SWORM), Dr. Rourke played a pivotal role in developing the School’s Distributed Education program.

He is also closely connected to the region on a personal level, as he grew up on the Bruce Peninsula and practiced family medicine with his wife, Dr. Leslie Rourke, MD'77, for 25 years in Goderich, Ontario. In addition to many clinical and teaching awards, he holds an honorary degree from Western University, awarded in 2009.

“I’m looking forward to returning to my alma mater, my friends and colleagues, and sharing this educational day with them,” he said. “My bond with the University and Southwestern Ontario remains strong.”

The Education Conference is a unique professional development opportunity for faculty from London, Windsor and across Southwestern Ontario. Daytime activities include a series of faculty development workshops. Register online today.