What's your wish?


“Wendy and I wish you and all of your loved ones a joyous and festive holiday season.”

— Dr. Michael J. Strong, Dean, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

“A traditional grace at my family's table reminds us to be ever mindful of the needs of others. My wish is that we all embrace this message and resolve to share our wealth, time, knowledge and skills with those in need in our community, nation and around the world.”

— Joan Estabrooks, Manager, Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education

“My wish for the holiday season is as we spend time with our family and friends that we remember to reach out to those who are lonely, homeless, or less fortunate in our work and home life to remind them that they are loved.”

— Dr. Daniel Pepe, MD’14, Resident, Family Medicine

“From my home to yours, may this holiday season be filled with love, laughter and joy.

Happy Holidays!”

— Dr. George Kim, Assistant Dean, Rural and Regional Community Engagement

“As the Communications and Marketing Team, we have the privilege of telling the stories of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our wish this holiday season is that we all take more time to listen and remember that everyone has a story to tell.”

— The Communications and Marketing Team

“My wish is to enjoy relaxing and laughing with family and friends over the holiday season.”

— Dr. Rob Black, Regional Academic Director, Elgin-Middlesex Academy, Distributed Education

“On behalf of Robarts Research Institute, I wish you a very special holiday season that is warmed by compassion for those around us, glows with the generosity of the human spirit, and is lit brightly by hope for peace.”

— Marlys Koschinsky, PhD, Scientific and Executive Director, Robarts Research Institute

“We look deeply within ourselves, as a profession and a society, to push forward and achieve a world grounded in mutual tolerance, understanding, respect and support for all, regardless of voice or position, in a global climate that is raising concerns on splintering and division. I wish all a fulfilling and successful 2017.”

— Dr. Gary Tithecott, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education

“My holiday wish is that we work together and share in our community. The holidays can be a time for reflection as well as planning ahead, and we can make a difference in the world by working together for a stronger community.”

— Tomi Nano, PhD Candidate, Department of Medical Biophysics and Robarts Research Institute

“My holiday wish is that everyone has the opportunity to travel so that they may experience the world, learn and grow.”

— Lyndsay Caslick, Executive Assistant to the Dean

“I hope that everyone will have the chance over the holidays to spend time with their families and friends and to enjoy a restful holiday season.”

— Dr. Michael Rieder, Chair, Department of Paediatrics

“While the holidays can be a time of joy for most, they can also be a difficult time for others. I wish for all of us to share our kindness and help spread the holiday spirit near and far. Happy Holidays!”

— Dr. Javeed Sukhera, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

“As I reflect on my losses and gains over the last year, I look forward to new challenges and endless possibilities. Wishing all a happy and safe holiday season!”

— Gayle Finlay, Faculty Affairs Specialist, Human Resources

“Thank you to all our faculty and staff in London, Windsor and across the region who give so much of their time and energy to our School, often times at the expense of time with your families. My wish this holiday season is for you to spend quality time with your family and friends, and enjoy and cherish the moments.”

— Dwayne Martins, Chief Operating Officer

“I would really like to have one more Christmas with my family the way it was when I was young. Mom, Dad and my five sisters, sitting around the table laughing and talking. My holiday wish for everyone is to enjoy the gift of family.”

— Norma-Jean Trask, Dental Assistant, Oral Surgery, Schulich Dentistry