Timothy Varghese, BMSc Class of 2015

“You always hear about those people who talk about being born to do something, or the child who played with first aid kits and dreamt of becoming a doctor. But that wasn’t really me,” explained Timothy Varghese, a fourth-year Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) student with an honors specialization in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences.

Instead, Varghese has become a physician-hopeful from a culmination of his experiences, interactions with others and times of trial and error.

He credits the BMSc program for giving him the tools and ability to focus on where he wants to take his academic career.

“The greatest thing about my experience in the BMSc program is that it took my perspectives on becoming a doctor and helped solidify them,” said Varghese. “For some of my peers it helped change their perspectives and they have chosen different paths and interests.”

After feeling as though he wasn’t making a meaningful contribution with his involvement in a student-run club during the first years of his undergrad, Varghese took control and sought out different clubs and organizations that reflected his interests and passions.

He is now the President of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences Association (BMSA) at Western University, a student-run association that is supported by the Bachelor of Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education office at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

“BMSA is so relevant to what I am doing. I love the way I can talk to first-, second-, third- and fourth-year students and work on a plan to help them out with their questions,” said Varghese. “I spent three years being part of a club that I didn’t identify with, and now I’m fortunate to have the chance to get involved with what I truly care about.”

Varghese’s involvement with BMSA has taught him many valuable lessons in leadership, accepting feedback, and helping others.

In addition to his presidency, he also is the Director of Internal Affairs for TEDx WesternU, as well as a tutor with Purple Tutors and a LAMP 2.0 mentor.

His involvement with TEDx WesternU has shown him the power of being passionate, and where that passion can get you in life.

“TEDx is such a great way to see another more personable side of someone who is doing great things. I’ve always liked the idea of listening to someone who has spent so much of their life dedicated to on topic,” said Varghese.

Possibly the greatest lessons he’s taken from his life so far are the ones that his parents have taught him.

“I look up to my mom and dad. My dad taught me not to settle, and he’s pushed me to follow my dreams,” he said. “And my mom has sacrificed so much in her life for my sisters and me.”

Varghese hopes to proudly wear a white coat in the near future. And although a career as a physician may be part of his motivation, he has realized that his true passion in life lies in listening to others, helping people in need and being a leader.