Strategic Planning – Join the REAL Conversation

We are ready to begin the first chapter of our strategic planning process to refresh the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry strategic plan, now at the mid-point of its 10-year life cycle.

Our strategic planning process is entitled REAL, which represents the focus of Research, Education & Active Engagement Leader, from the original 2011 – 2021 strategic plan and our school’s Vision.

The REAL process will unfold over the next six months with a target launch of February 2016.

During the next few months, there will be several opportunities for faculty and staff to get involved, share their feedback and help to develop a refreshed plan. In the next few weeks, you will have a chance to participate in a survey and an interactive session.

Faculty and staff also have the opportunity to participate in focus groups.

Anne Becker, who is a consultant working with the School on the strategic planning process, will lead the discussions at focus groups. She will ensure the discussion is focused at a strategic level and captures the ideas and input of all participants. After each focus group, findings will be summarized and then compile into one large report that will feed into the Strategic Plan.

The focus group setting is a safe, confidential and respectful environment. Faculty and staff are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas openly and thoughtfully. There are no ‘right or wrong’ answers; only perspectives, ideas, hopes, concerns, etc.

To learn more about the focus groups and to sign up for a session, visit the strategic plan website.