Graduating with a little help from their friends

Alumni Hall was awash in splendour on May 15. Bright banners hung from the ceiling. Potted plants lined the stage. And beautiful string music floated out across a sea of proud family and friends, cameras at the ready.

The stage was set for the 2015 Medicine Convocation, a memorable ceremony for all in attendance.

Dr. Edward Byrne, president and principal of King’s College London, received an honorary degree. He conveyed a collection of professional and personal advice to the graduating students, emphasizing the importance of maintaining balance in their chosen pursuits.

Dr. George Kim, assistant dean, Rural, Regional & Community Engagement, was awarded the Class of ’62 Award and the Douglas Bocking Award. These honours recognized his contributions to medical education.

With unique flair and a little help from his friends, Valedictorian Benjamin Davidson addressed the crowd, guitar and Beatles song in-hand. Several of his classmates participated in the sing-along, standing from their places in the audience to recite catchy one-liners about the graduating class.

The performance provided a picture of the personalities and true friendships the Medicine Class of 2015 developed during their time at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

But the loudest and most jubilant portion of the ceremony came close to the end. Enthusiastic cheers and lengthy applause filled Alumni Hall, as members of the Medicine Class of 2015 walked across the stage to receive their green hoods and enter the medical profession.

Dr. Rob Hammond captured this air of excitement and pride with his final words. “There’s been a small change to the program,” he said with a smile. “Each one of you can now be addressed as doctor. In fact, we encourage it.”

Watch the slideshow of the photos captured at this year’s ceremony below.

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