Tips & tricks: Bulk uploads in Cascade

The bulk upload feature in Cascade, allows web administrators to upload multiple files (documents, images and PDFs) onto their website in one click. This feature works well when there are many files to be uploaded for a similar group, as necessary files can be uploaded simultaneously.

Follow the steps below to use the bulk upload feature:

  1. On your computer, locate all the files that you would like to upload and place them into one folder
    Note: Please ensure that the file naming conventions do not contain any spaces or special characters in the folders and file names. If spaces or special characters are present, please remove them or replace them with an underscore (_) or hyphen (-). Uploading the files with spaces or special characters will result in an error.
  2. Change the folder to a Compressed (zipped) folder
    PC: Right click on the folder > Send to > Compressed (Zipped) folder
    Mac: Right click on the folder > Compress “folder name”
  3. From the top blue menu in Cascade choose: Tools > Zip Archive
  4. Set the Placement folder to where you would like the images to be placed in Cascade
  5. In this window, browse to or drag in the compressed zip folder (made in step two) and click the submit button
  6. Once the uploads have gone through, you will receive a green message across the top of the page saying “Operation Successful”
  7. The files should now appear where the placement folder was set to in step four

For detailed instructions on the bulk upload feature, including screenshots of the steps, check out the Cascade User Manual.