Human Resources - The backbone of our School

The Human Resources Department serves as the backbone to Schulich Medicine & Dentistry by supporting the biggest resource the School has – its human capital.

“Human Resources serves as an advocate of both the business and the employee,” Elana Whelan, human resources consultant, said.

This talented team is made up of 10 members with varying roles in faculty and staff coordination, payroll, organizational effectiveness and administration.

The team provides assistance to internal faculty and staff with their recruitment, retention, and development needs. They also assist with Selection Committee searches to recruit for Chair, Chair/Chief, Director, Decanal, Endowed Chair and Canada Research Chair positions.

“Our department is an important part of the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community as we look to find individuals that fit well within the School’s culture, mission and vision,” explained Lindsay Bos, selection committee coordinator. “We want to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff that will continuously make us a better school.”

Each member of the team makes up a vital piece of the Human Resources puzzle, and enjoys different aspects of the job.

“I like the variety in the tasks we do. Each situation is unique and every day brings new challenges,” Kristen Harris, human resources (staff) coordinator, said.

For Laura Fleming, human resources (faculty) coordinator, the independence that her role gives her is what she enjoys most. But she mentions it is nice to be able to work with others to ensure all processes are completed accurately and on time.

Carolyn Carruthers, administrative assistant, explained her favourite aspect of the job is the calibre of the employees within the organization. “It always impresses me, and it excites me to be part of such a thriving and dynamic organization,” she said.

As much as they enjoy their jobs, the team is not without challenges. Gayle Finlay, human resources (staff) coordinator, finds it can be difficult to balance a continuous workload with multiple competing deadlines. The team uses their ability to establish collaborative relationships with various stakeholders in order to stay efficient.

When the team finds the time, they try to make an effort to pull away from their busy schedules to have some fun together. Last summer, the team did a “lunch-and-learn” which involved completing the high ropes course at Boler Mountain.

“We all took the challenge together and were able to cheer each other on, making it through relatively unscathed,” said Kathleen Romhanyi, human resources (faculty) assistant. “The challenge really brought us together as a team and showcased what we can achieve together.”