Welcoming our newest faculty and staff members

We are pleased to welcome the newest faculty and staff members of the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry team.* The list below includes all the new faculty and staff from May through August. We look forward to celebrating our new team members in The Pulse on a quarterly basis.

New faculty

Jamie Mann, Microbiology & Immunology
Josee Paradis, Otolaryngology
Christopher Doherty, Surgery
Kamal Kumar, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Natalya Karp, Paediatrics
Igor Karp, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Ahmed Hegazy, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Murray Junop, Biochemistry
Ana Cartagena, Clinical Neurological Science
Heinrich Carstensen, Department of Medical Imaging
Deljit Dhanoa, Department of Medical Imaging
Sachin Pandey, Department of Medical Imaging
Stefan Potoczny, Department of Medical Imaging
Stephany Pritchett, Department of Medical Imaging
Michelle Ricketts, Department of Medical Imaging
Walter Romano, Department of Medical Imaging
Robert Biswas, Department of Medicine
Merrill Edmonds, Department of Medicine
Steven Gryn, Department of Medicine
Michael Silverman, Department of Medicine
Kelly Anderson, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Mandeep Deol, Family Medicine - General
Magbule Doko, Family Medicine - General
Mario Elia, Family Medicine - General
Bryan Lemenchick, Family Medicine - General
Neeraj Patel, Family Medicine - General
Jonas Vanderzwan, Family Medicine - General
Erin Weersink, Family Medicine - General
Ryon Bateman, Medical Biophysics
Jonathan Thiessen, Medical Biophysics
Angelos Vilos, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Jeffrey Cao, Oncology
Mary McCann, Oncology
Joseph Sobol, Oncology
Michelle Danby, Paediatrics
Ardit Deliallisi, Pathology
Emily Filter, Pathology
Wataru Inoue, Physiology and Pharmacology
Jamie Kramer, Physiology and Pharmacology
John Dawson, Psychiatry
Aaron Grant, Surgery
Rey Acedillo, Department of Medicine
Nawar Alkhamesi, Surgery
Amir Azarpazhooh, Dental Clinics
Wayne Papoff, Department of Medical Imaging
Sandra Clarke, Family Medicine - General
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Family Medicine - General
Michael Keim, Family Medicine - General
David Lum, Family Medicine - General
Gwendolyn Peterek, Family Medicine - General
Krishanthy Shu, Family Medicine - General
Ian Turkstra, Family Medicine - General
Michael Zwardon, Family Medicine - General
Eric Arts, Microbiology & Immunology
Andrea Di Sebastiano, Anatomy & Cell Biology
Christine Bell, Physiology and Pharmacology

New staff

Mohammed Ahmed, Department of Medicine
Samantha Collings, Surgery
Laura Newton, Schulich-Marketing/Communications
Hua Dong Liu, Biochemistry
Michael Miller, Paediatrics
Alison Challis, Schulich - Education Office
Tara Edwards, Physiology and Pharmacology
Ariel Fernandez, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Carol Martin, Oncology
Shelagh Ross, Robarts - Imaging
Nitin Anand, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Abdulslam Eltriki, Department of Medical Imaging
Richard Gibson, Microbiology & Immunology
Bernd W. Grohe, Dentistry - General
Tomonori Kaneko, Biochemistry
Yanxin Li, Biochemistry
Jenny Ma, Anatomy & Cell Biology
Rebecca McGirr, Medical Biophysics
Lisa Metselaar, Schulich-IDI-PublicHealthTrans
Robert Nowosielski, Psychiatry
Andreu Massot-Tarrus, Clinical Neurological Science
Smita Chackungal, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Nathalie Metzer, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Denise Swaenepoel, Department of Medical Imaging
Fernanda Russell, Microbiology & Immunology
Luan Januzi, Family Medicine
Marybeth Snell, Dental Clinics
Ahmed Goha, Department of Medical Imaging
Tsu Hui Low, Otolaryngology
Elizabeth Merwin, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Amanda Schwindt, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Parvinder Sodhi, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Julia Assini, Robarts - Vascular Biology
Vikki Underwood, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Kun Zhang, Biochemistry
Brad Shrum, Department of Medicine
Jenny Xue, Physiology and Pharmacology
Hilda Alfaro, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Dawn Barbosa, Department of Medicine
Shali Chen, Pathology
Derek Cool, Robarts - Imaging
Derek Debicki, Clinical Neurological Science
Mohamad El Zein, Department of Medical Imaging
Adam Farag, Robarts - Imaging
Biao Feng, Pathology
Suzanne Flier, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Anita Florendo-Cumbermack, Clinical Neurological Science
Javier Giraldo Arismendy, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Nelson Gonzalez, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Qutaiba Hamodi, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Ainslie Hildebrand, Department of Medicine
Camilo Jaen Russo, Department of Medicine
David Johnston, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Umjeet Jolly, Department of Medicine
Gul-E Khanda, Department of Medical Imaging
Kamal Kishore, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
David Laidley, Department of Medical Imaging
Ngan Lam, Department of Medicine
Dennis Lee, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Yaniv Levi, Department of Medicine
Jennifer Li, Paediatrics
Robin Ljunggren, Department of Medicine
Laurie Lockington-Wong, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Karen Lumsden, Oncology
Emma Markle, Family Medicine
Kylie McElrea, Dental Clinics
Pascal Mercier, Biochemistry
Rita Moor, Department of Medicine
Patricia Riccio, Clinical Neurological Science
Anne Rochon Ford, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gurbir Sekhon, Department of Medicine
Wendy Strong, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Phuong(Jessica) Tran, Dental Clinics
Maria Velasquez, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Lynne Weaver, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Andrew Yadegari, Department of Medicine
Silke Dennhardt, Department of Medicine
Clara Torres, Dental Clinics
Adam Abdo, Dentistry - General
Mehdi El Ouazzani, Dentistry - General
Jeffrey Lovell, Dentistry - General
Irina Skosireva, Dentistry - General
Kathleen Lynch, Psychiatry
Sara Mohamed, Department of Medicine
Sarah Smith-Periard, Paediatrics
Jessica Moodie, Anesthesia-Perioperative Med
Melanie Brimson-Theberge, Robarts - Imaging
Paul Dyce, Physiology and Pharmacology
Kori LaDonna, Schulich - CERI
Dale McCallum, Oncology
Evan Russell, Department of Medicine
Tracey DeLellis, Dentistry - General
Zareen Amtul, Psychiatry
Heather Biernaski, Medical Biophysics
Denise McGonigle, Schulich -Information Services
Jeff Boyes, Department of Medicine
Sonya Cuprjak, Schulich - CERI
Ramona Fernandez, Family Medicine
Jessica McGaw, Schulich-Marketing/Communications
Joanna White, Schulich - Research
Peter Johnson, Clinical Neurological Science
Robert Nikolov, Psychiatry
Pedro Alba, Dental Clinics
Ryan Beach, Physiology and Pharmacology
Danielle Carr, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Barbara Citton, Medical Biophysics
Kathy Collinson, Robarts - Imaging
Matthew Cowan, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Jadelyn DeDecker, Robarts - Imaging
Janice DeThomasis, Schulich - Finance
Martha Fuller, Bachelor of Medical Sciences
Todd Hryciw, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Lisa Leopold, Schulich - Contin Education
Xing Li, Biochemistry
Michael McDonald, Robarts - Imaging
Martin McIntosh, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Deborah McLaughlin, Department of Medicine
Narmata Naguleswaran, Schulich-Marketing/Communications
Stephanie Neil, Robarts - Imaging
Lyndsay Parker, Schulich - Education Office
Mojmir Suchy, Robarts - Imaging
Scott Swarbreck, Medical Biophysics
Dawn Vanhie, Obstetrics & Gynaecology

*The list of new staff and faculty excludes standardized patients.