Accreditation 2015 News: Mock Accreditation date confirmed

An important step in the readiness for Accreditation 2015 will be the Mock Accreditation taking place from January 11 to 14 at both the London and Windsor campuses. By now, all individuals invited to participate in the “dress rehearsal” would have received an email invite with a schedule. All times will be confirmed by the Accreditation team in the coming weeks.

During the “dress rehearsal”, two or potentially three experienced accreditors will conduct the survey visit that will mirror the formal site visit, including an opening and exit interview with Dr. Michael J. Strong – our dean.

Many schools have used this process strategically to enhance their understanding of program strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the upcoming site visit.

The Accreditation team thanks everyone involved in the process and looks forward to working with those involved as they build toward the actual Accreditation visit taking place April 12 to 15, 2015. Please ensure these dates are marked in your calendar.