Faculty, staff and students offer warm welcome to alumni during Homecoming 2014

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry alumni received a warm Homecoming welcome from faculty, staff and students at a wide array of events held on and off campus.

The fun-filled weekend kicked off with individual class events and the annual Dentistry Cocktail reception featuring an awards presentation for alumni and students. Dr. and Mrs. Strong were able to make the rounds and joined in the celebrations at the cocktail reception and the Meds’64 and Meds’74 events.

Campus became the focus of activity early Saturday morning.

From the CME hosted by Dr. Rich Cherry, and the Dean’s lecture hosted by Dr. Strong, moderated by Dr. Eric Winquist and attended by Dr. Eric Arts, to the Historical Walking tour hosted by Shelley McKellar and the Open House featuring Jason Quesnelle, Jerry Battista, Frank Beier, Terry Peters, Brenda Davis and many more, alumni received a warm welcome from faculty and staff.

Following the football game, students and trainees from all our programs got into the mix as they participated in the formal program for the Dean’s Gala, presenting the School’s alumni with the annual distinction awards. Then everyone took to the dance floor to enjoy the Latin music performed by Orlando Valencia and his band.

All in all it was a fun weekend that highlighted the School and no doubt brought back many great memories for alumni.

Take in some of the best moments from the weekend by viewing our online photo gallery. Can't see the gallery below? Click here to view.