Welcoming our newest faculty and staff

We are pleased to welcome the newest faculty and staff members of the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry team.* The list below includes all the new faculty and staff from January through April. We look forward to celebrating our new team members in The Pulse on a quarterly basis.

New Faculty Hires

Judy Bornais, Surgery
Lisa Cameron, Pathology
Jeffrey Chow, Dental Clinics
Michael Clarke, Microbiology & Immunology
Brian Daly, Psychiatry
Anwar M Dean, Dental Clinics
Biraju Doshi, Department of Medicine
Mohamed El-Fakharany, Pathology
Kirk Elliott, Psychiatry
Sharon Enwright, Psychiatry
Gabor Fichtinger, Medical Biophysics
Lauren Flynn, Anatomy & Cell Biology
Katelyn Hoenselaar, Family Medicine - General
Alexander Khaw, Clinical Neurological Science
Agnes Kluz, Family Medicine - General
Selay Lam, Department of Medicine
David Lam, Family Medicine - General
Jacquelyn Levangie, Dental Clinics
Selina Liu, Department of Medicine
Constance Mackenzie, Department of Medicine
Lorraine McFadden, Psychiatry
Brenda McLaughlin, Family Medicine - Primary Care
Madaline Neculau, Department of Medicine
Rahul Ojha, Paediatrics
Craig O'Neill, Surgery
Daniel Ooi, Family Medicine - General
YuvaRaju Poolacherla, Anesthesia-Perioperative Medicine
Candice Rivest, Family Medicine - General
Puneet Seth, Family Medicine - General
Monika Sharma, Family Medicine - General
Matthew Shaw, Department of Medicine
Peter Stathopulos, Physiology and Pharmacology
Michael Surkont, Family Medicine - General
John Tupper, Dental Clinics
Tristan Walker, Family Medicine - General
Tristan Walker, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Education Office
David Walley, Family Medicine - General
Aze Wilson, Department of Medicine

New Staff Hires

Akram Abdulkareem, Anesthesia-Perioperative Medicine
Awatif Abuzgaia, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Shawn Albers, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Feng Bao, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Cassandra Barber, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Education Office
Jodi Blue, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Cody Brown,  Anatomy & Cell Biology
Leah Chatterson, Dental Clinics
Karrie Citro, Paediatrics
Heather Cook, Dental Clinics
Danielle Cram, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Sharon Culliton, Surgery
Jessica Deakin, Psychiatry
Janice DeThomasis, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Finance
Bryson Dietz, Robarts - Imaging
Adriana Dimova, Anatomy & Cell Biology
Crystal Engelage, Department of Medicine
Rodney Hagle, Pathology
Yasser Hammad, Anesthesia-Perioperative Medicine
Cynthia Harper Little, Robarts - Imaging
Ossama Hassan, Anesthesia-Perioperative Medicine
Krista Hawrylyshyn, Biochemistry
Louis Hennessy, Robarts Research Institute
Betty Holme, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Human Resources
Iordanka Ivanova, Physiology and Pharmacology
Mandy Jeffery, Department of Medicine
Dante Junior, Anesthesia-Perioperative Medicine
Kathy Kelly-Ingram, Dental Clinics
Crystal Lamb, Family Medicine - General
Nathalie Laperle, Dental Clinics
Marcia Lefebvre, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Education Office
Zoe Letwin, Department of Medicine
Alexander Louie, Oncology
Liya Ma, Physiology and Pharmacology
Yulia Maistrovski, Biochemistry
Emma Markle, Family Medicine
Paige Mastalerz, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Marketing/Communications
Mary McGavin, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Continuing Education
Paula McLaughlin, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Research
Elizabeth Merwin, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Leah Mitchell, Dental Clinics
Susan Morgan, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Teach & Tech Srvcs
Carolyn Nesbitt-Larking, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Education Office
Laura Newton, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Marketing/Communications
Robert Nikolov, Robarts - Imaging
Alexei Ouriadov, Robarts - Imaging
Flavio Paiva Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Stefan Potoczny, Department of Medical Imaging
Victor Puvanendran, Surgery
Melanie Racine, Clinical Neurological Science
Elizabeth Renouf, Surgery
Katherine Rizzi, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Kathleen Romhanyi, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Human Resources
Shelagh Ross, Robarts - Imaging
Donna Sharpe, Medical Biophysics
Andrea Shepherd, Medical Biophysics
Ayyaz Sultan, Department of Medicine
Kimberly Thomaes, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Shaina Turgeon, Robarts - Imaging
Weiyan Wen, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Barbara Whitty, Medical Biophysics
Chantalle Willie, Surgery
Jenny Xue, Physiology and Pharmacology
Lei Zhang, Pathology

*The list of new staff and faculty excludes standardized patients.