Enriching the student experience with Dr. Colin Mascaro, MD'14

Dr. Colin Mascaro, MD'14, has acquired a personal mantra during his time at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry: enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.

And as class president throughout all four years at the School, he is certainly leading by example. “If you want to get people involved, you need to be the most enthusiastic and energetic,” he explained. “It’s something I learned the moment I arrived for interview weekend.”

It’s this way of thinking that created the London – Windsor Integration Weekends, an initiative Dr. Mascaro helped develop and expand. The weekend trips are an opportunity for London and Windsor students to come together for social activities and professional development.

Dr. Mascaro says he wanted to enrich the student experience by organizing the trips to Windsor. “It’s been amazing to see our class grow together,” he said. “That’s been my favourite part of medical school.”

The integration weekends are an enduring legacy of the Class of 2014, and now occur twice each year.

Born and raised in Tecumseh, Ontario, Dr. Mascaro completed his bachelor of science at the University of Windsor in 2010. It was during his undergraduate studies that he was first exposed to Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, through the creation and launch of the Windsor Program in 2008.

“Being from Windsor, it was really exciting to see the community rally around the Program,” he said.

The student experience at Schulich Medicine also stood out to Dr. Mascaro during his medical school application process. “The pride in the School, the passion the students have is incredible,” he said.

Dr. Mascaro always had the medical profession in his sights. “Growing up I was interested in the human body and helping people who were injured and sick,” he said.

But he credits Schulich Medicine & Dentistry with taking him beyond scientific knowledge and exposing him to the art of medicine. “Medicine is more than just science and knowledge,” he said. “It’s about caring for people and recognizing that every patient is different.”

In his role as the 2014’s class president, Dr. Mascaro acted as a student voice for curricular projects, particularly the ‘Physician as Leader’ course introduced last year.

He also supported and advocated for his peers’ student involvement. “I’ve been the most amazed at what my classmates can do and the things they have achieved,” he said. “I just tried to give people the means to achieve their goals.”

As for his own goals, Dr. Mascaro has landed right where he wants to be. This July, he will be starting a five-year residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Queen’s University.

“I’m excited for this new opportunity,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the next step, but I’m also very grateful for my time here and the support I’ve received.”

Dr. Mascaro hopes to continue working in student leadership with the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO).

With plans to return to Windsor for medical practice after his residency training, Dr. Mascaro also wants to stay connected with Schulich Medicine. “I’m interested in teaching with the Windsor Program and want to continue my involvement with the School community,” he said.

Equipped with enough enthusiasm and energy to motivate his fellow classmates for four years, Dr. Mascaro graduates this spring optimistic he can continue making a difference for both his patients and his peers.

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry congratulates Colin and the entire Medicine Class of 2014 on their achievements during the past four years and on their graduation.