Graduating Competencies

Are you familiar with the Graduating Competencies of the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program? If you are a faculty member who supports student learning in the UME Program and you are uncertain – here’s a refresher.

The UME Graduating Competencies serve as the curriculum learning goals. These have been framed from the established CanMEDS roles of Medical Expert, Professional, Communicator, Collaborator, Scholar, Manager, and Health Advocate. 

They are the foundation to our entire UME program.

Every single learning objective in the four years of UME must map back to one of the Graduating Competencies. It is incumbent upon all faculty to ensure that by the conclusion of each student’s four-year journey with us in the UME program, they will have received all the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to meet if not surpass these competencies.

It is a UME goal that all Graduating Competencies are addressed in more than one course throughout the four years. Faculty must ensure students understand the Graduating Competencies and their importance.

Knowledge and understanding of the Graduating Competencies is critical to our upcoming UME Accreditation, with several standards set around how well they are known and understood by student, staff and faculty.
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