Welcoming our new faculty and staff, and bidding farewell to our retirees

We are pleased to welcome the newest members of the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry team.* We would also like to bid farewell to our faculty and staff members who have retired. The list below includes all the new staff and faculty members, as well as retirees from September to December 2013. We look forwarding to celebrating our new faculty, staff and retirees in The Pulse on a quarterly basis.

Faculty New Hires

Bassel Al-Farra, Surgery
Muhammad Amin, Family Medicine - General
Kimberly Baker, Family Medicine
Matthew Bastian-Jordan, Department of Medical Imaging
Selinda Berg, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Johnathan Bossy, Dental Clinics
Jeremy Burton, Surgery
James Calvin, Department of Medicine
Ryan Carlini, Family Medicine - General
Matthew Chan, Dental Clinics
Anita Cheng, Pediatrics
Sze Chui, Anesthesia - Perioperative Med
Enda Connolly, Anesthesia - Perioperative Med
Henry Conter, Oncology
Michael Cook, Physiology and Pharmacology
Michael Craig, Family Medicine - General
Santhia Da Samy, Otolaryngology
Luc Dubois, Surgery
Tarek El-Sayegh, Dental Clinics
Lauren Flynn, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Tommy Fok, Dental Clinics
Graham  Fraser, Medical Biophysics
Ram Gobburu, Pediatrics
William Gray, Dental Clinics
Sara Guerra, Surgery
Le Gui, Physiology and Pharmacology
Ilka Heinemann, Biochemistry
Dorli Herman, Family Medicine - General
Jonathan Hore, Physiology and Pharmacology
Hoda Hosseini, Dental Clinics
David Huang, Department of Medicine
Asmaa Hussain, Pediatrics
Kenji Inaba, Surgery
Gregory Jensen, Dentistry - General
Ava John-Baptiste, Anesthesia - Perioperative Med
William Klein, Dental Clinics
Gabriel Lacombe, Dental Clinics
Myeongjong Lee, Anesthesia - Perioperative Med
Stefanie Lee, Department of Medical Imaging
Yu Li, Family Medicine - General
Georges Loba Gutierrez, Psychiatry
Arlene Macdougall, Psychiatry
Jennifer Mandzia, Clinical Neurological Science
Carol McDaniel, Psychiatry
Keith McIntosh, Department of Medicine
Sienna McWilliams, Family Medicine - General
Jason Moreau, Physiology and Pharmacology
Donald Morgenroth, Dental Clinics
Anushi Mousa, Family Medicine
Patrick O'Donoghue, Biochemistry
Azadeh Reyhani, Dental Clinics
Helen Rockwell, Family Medicine - General
Angela Rutledge, Clinical Biochemistry
Loretta Seevaratnam, Family Medicine - General
Lyndsay Somerville, Surgery
Peter Stathopulos, Physiology and Pharmacology
Sepideh Taheri, Pediatrics
Anthony Tang, Department of Medicine
Matthew Teeter, Medical Biophysics
Monica Torres-Jimenez, Surgery
Stephanie Tse Hing Yuen, Family Medicine - General
Erica Van Daalen, Family Medicine
Kelly Vogt, Surgery
Emma Wakim, Family Medicine
Michelle Wiezel Garcia, Dental Clinics
Amanda Worden-Rogers, Family Medicine - General
Lloy Wylie, Psychiatry
Wang Xi , Family Medicine - General
Ping Yang, Pathology

Staff New Hires

Claudia Augustine, Pediatrics
Kathie, Baer Physiology and Pharmacology
Michelle Barton-Forbes, Pediatrics
Debra Benton, Physical Medicine and Rehab
Debra Benton, Physical Medicine and Rehab
Garth Blackler, Physiology and Pharmacology
Susan Boyd, Schulich - Research
Kristina Bradley, Medical Biophysics
Cody Brown, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Kyle Burgers, Robarts - Imaging
Xuan Cao, Biochemistry
Stacy Chambers, Department of Medicine
Leah Chatterson, Dental Clinics
Heather, Cook Dental Clinics
Matthew Dawson, Surgery
Ryan Divigalpitiya, Medical Biophysics
Shannon Douglas, Dental Clinics
Adam Farag, Robarts - Imaging
Donna Findlay, Robarts - Imaging
Lindsay Finlay, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Human Resources
Christina Gantlett, Dental Clinics
Dave Gaskin, Robarts - Imaging
Melissa Gervais, Dental Clinics
Sharon Gough, Department of Medicine
Michael Greff, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Matthew Grol, Physiology and Pharmacology
Rodney, Hagle, Pathology
Heather Hink, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Research
R. Hutchison, Physiology and Pharmacology
Rachel Huys, Pediatrics
Rachel Huys, Pediatrics
Luan Januzi, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Luan Januzi, Family Medicine
Sheryl Jones, Clinical Neurological Science
Nancy Kalbfleisch, Dentistry - General
Tomonori Kaneko, Biochemistry
Melanie Knott, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Marta Kobrzynski, Pediatrics
Min-Ching Kuo, Physiology and Pharmacology
Crystal Lamb, Family Medicine - General
Liane LeBlanc, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Marcia Lefebvre, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Education Office
Emily Leighton, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Marketing and Communications
Xing Li, Biochemistry
Alexander Louie, Oncology
Dale McCallum, Oncology
Mary McGavin, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Continuing Education
Deborah McLaughlin, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Education Office
Elizabeth Merwin, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Kristina Miller, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Leah Mitchell, Dental Clinics
Manoosh Moradizadeh, Department of Medicine
Aya Myhr, Medical Biophysics
Narmata Naguleswaran, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Marketing and Communications
Hayley Nell, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Courtney Newnham-Kanas, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Education Office
Enayat Nikoopour, Microbiology and Immunology
Kevin O'Neil, Schulich - Research
Iryna Palamarchuk, Clinical Neurological Science
Allison Partridge, Otolaryngology
Alexey Pereverzev, Physiology and Pharmacology
Samantha Pillon, Biochemistry
Stacey Pontes, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Marketing and Communications
Golda Prince, Anesthesia - Perioperative Med
Melanie Racine, Clinical Neurological Science
Kathleen Romhanyi, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Human Resources
Fernanda Russell, Microbiology and Immunology
Hirofumi Shirakawa, Dental Clinics
Carmen Simedrea, Robarts - Molecular Medicine
Faye Slote, Psychiatry
Gurjeev Sohi, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Srikanth Talluri, Biochemistry
Bann Tawfeek, Dental Clinics
Clara Torres, Dental Clinics
Christine Tsao, Department of Medicine
Shaina Turgeon, Robarts - Imaging
Tony Wales, Robarts - Imaging
Yong Wang, Medical Biophysics
Chantalle Willie, Surgery
Bryan Wong, Psychiatry
Jenny Xue, Physiology and Pharmacology
Peter Zeman, Robarts – Imaging

Retirement Faculty and Staff

Lesley De Pauw, Manager, Undergraduate Medical Education
Debra Grant, Administrative Assistant
Sarah Hughes, Animal Care Specialist
David Massel, Associate Professor/MD


*The list of new staff and faculty excludes standardized patients.