Building the foundation for future alumni

In late 2017, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry announced that it was creating new Alumni Societies and an Alumni Council to help develop alumni programming and plan events.

The four new societies, one for each of the School’s education programs (Medicine, Dentistry, Bachelor of Medical Science, and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies), will develop engagement activities unique to the interests of alumni from those areas. Representatives from each of those societies will also form the School’s Alumni Council.

We’re pleased to share that two Societies have been established and have already started meeting. We’ve had several alumni from our medicine and graduate programs express interest in the societies for those groups, and we’re looking forward to hearing back from more as we look forward to meeting in early summer.

We know you are making an impact within your communities and may have limited time. We respect that and want to make it easy for you to become involved. We will host only two meetings each year for each Society and two meetings per year for the Council. There’s no need to travel to attend meetings, all will be hosted via tele- or video-conference and we invite alumni from all over the globe to join in.  

If you are interested in helping to develop programming, establish events and create networking, mentorship or engagement opportunities for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry alumni, let us know, and we will be sure to provide more details on how membership on one of the Societies can help you to do that.