Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Alumni Societies and Advisory Council

More than 16,000 alumni who graduated with their medical, dental, medical sciences or graduate degrees from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry live around the world. We are proud of the School’s alumni, your accomplishments and the global impact you continue to make.

We enjoy meeting so many of you through your continued engagement with the School and University, through the sharing of your stories, your participation in lectures, social and formal events, and the celebration of milestones and class reunions.

To better suit the ever-changing needs of alumni, the School is creating three Alumni Societies, and an overarching Alumni Advisory Council and recruiting new members for one existing Society to strengthen its Alumni Program and create more opportunities for your engagement. We would like to invite you to join us, become involved and contribute to the direction of future alumni programming opportunities.

Three new Alumni Societies are being established for Medicine, Medical Sciences (undergraduate) and Graduate Studies and new members are being recruited for the existing Dentistry Alumni Society. The Societies will provide input on alumni needs and engagement opportunities that are unique to alumni from their programs.

An overall Alumni Advisory Council will also be established. It will include two representatives from each of the Alumni Societies. The Council will work closely with the Societies and the School to advise on the creation of an overall plan that is reflective of the interests of all Schulich Medicine & Dentistry alumni.  

We know how busy your lives are already, and so we are keeping this simple. The plan is to have only two meetings per year for each Society and two meetings per year for the Council. There’s no need to travel for the meetings, as we can have them via tele- or video-conference and we invite alumni from all over the globe to join in.  

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Nicole Dorssers, Special Events and Alumni Engagement Officer by the end of December. She can be reached at or 519.661.2111 ext 85146.