Profiles of Excellence: Watch as Shawn Li, PhD, and Lorelei Lingard, PhD, tell their stories

The Profiles of Excellence Research Video series showcases the work, achievements and goals of researchers across the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and Robarts Research Institute.

Dr. Shawn Li - Breaking new ground in cancer research
Shawn Li, PhD, a professor in the Departments of Biochemistry, Oncology and Paediatrics, is mapping the landscape for the epigenetic changes associated with chemotherapy. This information will be used to identify novel targets for more effective cancer treatment, and was name one of Canada's Top 10 Cancer Research Stories of 2013 by the Canadian Cancer Society. Click here to watch the video.

Dr. Lorelei Lingard - The language of health care
Lorelei Lingard, PhD, is exploring what role language plays in the health care experience, with particular focus on communication between professionals within health care teams. Dr. Lingard, the Director of the Centre for Education Research & Innovation, explains her passion for language and describes how her research is helping to shape how we teach medical professionals to communicate in educational settings. Click here to watch the video.