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Centre Researcher

A ‘Centre Researcher’ comes from an academic or clinical background within or outside of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. A Centre Researcher will be actively involved in leading one or more research projects related to the scholarly activities at CERI. Centre Researchers typically hold an advanced degree in education or a relevant research area (e.g., MHPE, M.Ed, PhD).  The Centre Researcher designation will be determined in consultation with their relevant Faculty Dean/Associate/Vice Dean or Department/Division Chair/Chief.

How do I become a Centre Researcher?

Members of the CERI Community become a Centre Researcher through invitation, or by applying after a period of consistent and active involvement with CERI.

You can apply to become an Centre Researcher by contacting CERI: 
Centre Researcher status will be reviewed every 3 years by the CERI Directors in consultation with the relevant Faculty/Departmental leaders.

What is expected of a Centre Researcher?

Participate in Centre events such as knowledge translation rounds, colloquia, and annual research conference.
Disseminate their research locally and nationally through knowledge translation rounds, colloquia, CERI annual research conference, conferences, and publications.

Collaborate with other CERI Researchers and Scientists on shared interests.
Consistently act as a PI or Co-PI of at least one active research project relevant to CERI.
Support the CERI community by acting as peer reviewers for abstracts, grants, and papers; sharing copies of successful grants and other related activities.

Serve as a liaison between CERI and the other scholarly communities that they are affiliated with.
Report their education research activities annually. It is expected that Centre Researchers’ work will be peer-reviewed, publicly disseminated, and will provide a platform that others can build upon.

How will it serve me/my community?