CERI Education Research Fellowship

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CERI currently supports two clinical faculty members to spend one to two days per week at our Centre through competitive funding from the AMOSO Opportunities Fund.

Geared towards new or existing AFP physicians who have completed or are near completion of a Masters degree in education (or equivalent), the fellowships financially support faculty across two years. During the program, fellows participate in our weekly seminar, research meetings, periodic education rounds and our annual, local conference. Fellows are mentored by CERI faculty.

As part of their development of a research project, fellows will apply for at least one competitive research grant, prepare an ethics submission, learn to manage a research team (including research staff), and successfully disseminate their work to the scientific community.

The fellowship is intended to put faculty on a path towards a new academic job profile of “Clinician-Education Researcher.” This will involve ongoing protected time for fellows to engage in substantial, programmatic research following the completion of the fellowship. To ensure that the momentum established in fellows’ research careers is maintained, Department Chairs are required to commit to ongoing time protection and a formal academic role for the faculty member as a “Clinician-Education Researcher.”

Inquiries about our fellowship should be directed to Mark Goldszmidt