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Centre Affiliate

A ‘Centre Affiliate’ engages with the Centre from an academic or clinical background within or outside of Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. A Centre Affiliate is actively and consistently involved in one or more research or innovation projects related to the scholarly activities at CERI.

How do I become a Centre Affiliate?

Members of the CERI Community become a Centre Affiliate through invitation or by applying after a period of consistent and active involvement with CERI.

You can apply to become an Affiliate by contacting CERI: 
Centre Affiliate status will be reviewed every 3 years by the CERI Directors and Manager.

What is expected of a Centre Affiliate?

Participate in, and periodically present, their research at Centre events such as knowledge translation rounds, colloquia, and annual research conference.

Engage in ongoing, productive research collaboration with CERI Researchers and Scientists.

How will it serve me/my community?

Participation as an Affiliate is an opportunity to become an acknowledged member of the CERI community of practice.  Affiliates will have access to the support and mentorship of the CERI community as they develop and apply research skills, refine research questions, and disseminate their work.