Research Funding

Piggy Banks

 Below is a list of some potential sources of funding for Health Professions Education-related research.


Faculty Support for Research in Education

The FSRE is administered by the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Research Office and it is intended for the promotion and facilitation of Scholarship in Education at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. There is one competition per year with a maximum value of $7500 per project.

Call for Proposals: Fall

Instructional Innovation and Development Fund

The IIDF is administered by the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Continuing Professional Development (CPD) office. will support two types of projects, Studentships, worth up to $4251, and Faculty Grants, worth up to $10,000. All members of faculty are eligible to apply.

Call for Proposals: Fall and Spring

Fellowship in Teaching Innovation

The purpose of the Fellowship in Teaching Innovation is to encourage Western faculty members (full-time and part-time) to pursue teaching innovations at Western. Projects may take many forms, such as developing new strategies for student engagement or initiatives involving the novel incorporation of educational technology into classroom settings. The fellowship amount is up to $10,000 will be awarded annually.

Call for Proposals: Spring

Community Service Learning Award

Awarded by Community Service Learning @ Western within Western's Student Success Centre, the Community Service Learning (CSL) aims to support faculty in creating opportunities for students to connect academic course content with meaningful community service that contributes to student learning, and local and international community development. Eligible proposals include group projects with local community organizations and community-based research projects. There are 3 awards with a value of up to $2000 each.

Call for Proposals: Spring


Academic Medical Organization of Southwestern Ontario (AMOSO)

AMOSO is an internal fund that typically offers two programs, AMOSO Opportunities and AMOSO Innovations, which are available to AFP Participating Physicians.

Call for Proposals: Opportunities and Innovations Funds TBA Spring and Fall

Physician Services Incorporated (PSI) Foundation

The PSI Foundation was established in 1970 by the physicians of Ontario with the original capital of Physicians Services Incorporated, the doctor-sponsored prepaid medical care plan.

The Foundation’s granting interests are in two areas: education of practising physicians and health research with an emphasis on research relevant to patient care.

Call for Proposals: Fall, Winter and Spring

Tri-Council of Canada Funding

Tri-Council of Canada Funding

The Tri-Council of Canada consists of three major funding agencies: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Social Sciences and Humanities Rsearch Council of Canada (SSHRC), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Within each funding tier, there are multiple grant programs.

Call for Proposals: See Agency Website

Other National Funding

Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada

The Royal College's grants and fellowships program supports research and development into medical education, continuing professional development and as well as issues that address the needs of Canadian society. Their programs also support the professional development of individuals and groups working across a range of medical issues.

Call for Proposals: See Website

Medical Council of Canada (MCC)

The MCC offers the Grants for Research in Clinical Assessment. The principal investigator (PI) must hold an appointment at a Canadian medical school or health science faculty, or in a research institute at a teaching hospital or similar non-profit medical organization. The total limit per application is $37,500.

Call for Proposals: See Website

Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

Please note that only eligible institutions — and not individual researchers — may submit a proposal to the CFI. CFI encourages researchers to contact their institutional research office to learn more about internal application processes.

Call for Proposals: See Website


National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIH is the largest source of funding for medical research in the world and they offer multiple programs.

Call for Proposals: See Website

The Spencer Foundation

The Foundation is intended to investigate ways in which education, broadly conceived, can be improved around the world. Several programs are offered.

Call for Proposals: See Website

The Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund

The Stemmler Fund was established in 1995 and subsequently named in honour of Dr. Edward J. Stemmler, who was largely responsible for the conception of the program while chair of the National Board of Medical Examiners. The goal of the Stemmler Fund is to provide support for research or development of innovative assessment approaches that will enhance the evaluation of those preparing to, or continuing to, practice medicine.

Call for Proposals: See Website