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Centre Scientist

A ‘Centre Scientist’ is an individual who devotes a substantial amount, two or more days per week, of her or his time to leading an area of programmatic research and playing a leadership and mentoring role in CERI activities. The protected time results from a negotiated agreement with the individual’s home department in the form of, for example, release from teaching or other departmental responsibilities to allow for focused research activity. It is expected that a Centre Scientist holds a PhD in a field relevant to their program of research. The Centre Scientist designation will be determined in consultation with the relevant Faculty Dean/Associate/Vice Dean or Department/Division Chair/Chief.

How do I become a Centre Scientist?

Centre Scientists are typically hired into a scientist role at CERI.
Alternately, members of the CERI Community may become a Centre Scientist through invitation based on their programmatic research, expertise, and demonstrated leadership within the CERI community.

Centre Scientists have demonstrated records of research activity and success.
Centre Scientist status will be reviewed regularly, likely every 3 years, by the CERI Directors in consultation with the relevant Faculty/Departmental leaders.

What is expected of a Centre Scientist?

How will it serve me/my community?