Program Evaluation

Semi-Annual EPA Reports

PGME will also provide a Semi-Annual EPA Report for each residency program for the following periods:

  • July-December
  • January-June

These reports will be sent to PDs, PAs, and the program’s Department Chair/Chief or Division Chair/Chief.

These reports will take aggregate EPA data for a residency program based on the raw EPA data in Elentra. They were first introduced in December 2020 and will undergo continuous changes based on feedback, thus, there could be variations from the example report below.

Components of the Semi-Annual EPA Report:

  • Fast Facts for the Program: how the program compares to all other CBD programs
  • EPA Assessment Trends for the 6-month period
  • Year-to-Year Program Comparisons, e.g., 2019-2020, if applicable
  • Program “Nest” Comparisons, e.g., comparing different residency programs who have the same or similar assessors or clinical contexts

Royal College Program Evaluation Efforts 

The Royal College Competence by Design Program Evaluation Dashboard is now live! 

  • Direct link to the Royal College Program Evaluation of CBD Dashboard
  • A real-time, interactive tool where you can: 

    • Find out what Royal College program evaluation studies and community events are taking place
    • Monitor trends from pre-launch to post-implementation 
    • Explore findings from multiple studies/sources
    • Dive deeper into specific areas of interest 

Infographic depicting 6 months post-launch evaluation.