International Applicants

For All International Applicants

Before you begin your application, read the following:

  1. Administrative Preparation required at the university and Canadian government levels prior to acceptance to a Western graduate program.  Successful international applicants to the Medical Biophysics graduate program are required to have a valid study permit in place as described on the above link before the first day of term in which they will be registered.
  2. Important information about our Medical Biophysics Graduate Program

Application Process

  • No application will be considered for admission until it is complete.
  • Application fees are associated with the graduate application process.
  • Partial applications (e.g. transcripts, resumes etc.) submitted to determine admissibility will not be accepted or acknowledged.
  • International applicants are required to submit OFFICIAL transcripts of their ENTIRE out-of-country university education before their application will be considered for admission. Legally notarized English translations must be included as well.
  • All successful international applicants who are offered admission to our graduate program must have completed all of their BSc and MSc degree requirements respectively by the first day of graduate enrollment at Western. For PhD applicants, this includes MSc course work and successful thesis defense.
  • Students who are required to present evidence of proficiency in English must make their own arrangements to write the TOEFL and to have the official results sent directly to the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by the testing agency. [Western TOEFL ID is 0984, dept. code 99]

Other formal evidence of graduate level proficiency in English (as determined by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) may be considered in lieu of these test scores.

Proof of successful TOEFL examination must be dated no later than 6 months prior to submission date of application.

According to SGPS, the minimum acceptable score is 86 with no individual score below 20 for the internet based version; 213 for the standard electronic version; or 550 for the paper and pencil version. The Medical Biophysics graduate program accepts iBT TOEFL scores as well as IELTS. Only complete applications with an overall iBT score of 92 will be considered with no individual score below 20 for the internet based version OR IELTS overall score of 7.

E-mails from international applicants asking for pre-application opinions of probability of admission, problems with submitting official transcripts etc. will NOT be considered a priority to answer.

If you have any questions regarding our program, please email: