Course Information

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Fall Term Courses:

MEDBIO 2500B: Introduction to Biophysics for Advancing Medicine
MEDBIO 3330F: Human Biomechanics and Biomedical Application
MEDBIO 3501A: Biophysics of Transport Systems
MEDBIO 3505F: Mathematical Transform Applications in Medical Biophysics
MEDBIO 3645A: Introduction to Biomedical Optics
MEDBIO 4445A: Digital Image Processing
MEDBIO 4455A: Biological Control Systems
MEDBIO 4475A: Medical Imaging
MEDBIO 4535A: Hemodynamics - Not offered 2022
**NEW COURSE**MEDBIO 4730A/B: Disease Biomarkers and Precision Medicine 

Winter Term Courses:

MEDBIO 3518B: Introduction to Molecular Imaging
MEDBIO 3503G: Fundamentals of Digital Imaging
MEDBIO 3507G: Analysis of Oxygen Transport in Biological Systems
MEDBIO 4518B: Molecular Imaging
MEDBIO 4467B: Radiation Biology with Biomedical Applications
MEDBIO 4700B: Case Studies in Medical Biophysics
MEDBIO 4710B: Biophotonics in Medicine and Life Sciences
**NEW COURSE**MEDBIO 4720B: Applied Medical Imaging

Full Courses (September - April):

MEDBIO 3970Z: General Biophysics Laboratory - Full Year Half Course*
MEDBIO 4970E: Project in Medical Biophysics
MEDBIO 4971E: Project in Medical Biophysics (Clinical Project)