Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Biophysics?

The application of physics to medicine and biology to understand how the human body works.

What will I be doing in the program?

Students in the program can expect to be engaged in research and course work under the supervision and guidance of a supervisor and advisory committee. Depending on your area of study, research may be conducted in a laboratory located in one of our many locations across the city.

How long are the programs?

An MSc degree is completed within 2 years (6 terms) while the average time investment for the completion of a PhD degree is 4 years (12 terms). There may be the option of starting as an MSc student and then reclassifying to PhD (earning a PhD degree without a Masters degree). The maximum time allotted in this situation is 5 years (15 terms). Another option is the Direct Entry PhD for exceptional students who have an average of greater than 85% in their final two years of the undergraduate program, demonstrated research experience, and referrals from professors.

How does the Graduate Program differ from Undergraduate?

The graduate program offers tuition support and monthly stipend of around $1,000 as long as minimum requirements are maintained each term. An undergraduate degree does now provide any financial or tuition support. The graduate program is research focused (with some required course work), while an undergraduate program is mainly course based. The final requirement of the graduate program is a thesis defense. If there is a deficiency in your background relative to your research area, your supervisor may recommend appropriate courses for you to complete.

Where can I expect to work after graduation?

Our graduates find employment working in industry for large companies, or small start-up infrastructures. They also work in government sectors, hospitals, and laboratories. Some graduates go on to other medical programs. See our Featured Alumni page.

What are the programs facilities like?

Our facilities are world class quality! Please see this page for a complete overview of our research facilities.

What are the Admission requirements to the MSc and PhD Programs?

Please see this page for a complete listing of our admission requirements.

What are the Admission requirements for International Students?

International applicants must provide evidence of English proficiency in the form of testing as per University requirements outlined here: Acceptable Scores, in addition to all other admission requirements, which can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding our program, please