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4483E Biochemistry - Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Ken Yeung
4483E Biochemistry - Summer Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Ken Yeung (Check OWL for more information)
4486   Biochemistry and Cancer BiologyProject Co-ordinator: Dr. Ken Yeung
4480E Biochemistry and Cell Biology - Co-ordinator: Dr. Paul Walton
4500E Chemical Biology - Co-ordinator:
Dr. Ken Yeung
4970E Micro. and Immunology - Co-ordinator:
Dr. Steven Kerfoot
4999E Advanced Research in Biochemistry - Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Ken Yeung

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General Information

The objective of these courses is to provide students with an opportunity to experience, first hand, what research is all about. Students work with a Faculty member on some aspect of his/her research program. This course is restricted to students in the fourth year of an eligible Honors Specialization module, or (for Biochemistry 4483E in the summer) to students who have been given permission by the Department of Biochemistry. The 4th year Honors programs have been designed to leave students each afternoon (at least) to work on their projects. Supervisors have spent considerable time creating and organizing the 4th year projects, and so it is essential that students start their projects on time and co-ordinate with their supervisors on a work schedule, so each knows roughly when the student will be in the laboratory.

Registration in the course

Biochemistry/Chemistry Students have the option of taking Chemistry 4491E (formerly Chem4490E) or Biochemistry 4483E (formerly Biochem4491E).

Students taking Biochemistry 4483E have the option of registering in the Thesis Project in the summer between years 3 and 4 OR, if they are undecided they could wait until September, after they have had an opportunity to interview potential supervisors. 

Students who take 4483E during the summer have the option of taking the 4999E course in their 4th year. They may then choose to enrol in the Accelerated MSc.