Cancer Biology

Cancer research in the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology is focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie tumor growth and metastasis, with a particular focus on solid tumors such as...Learn More

Neurological Disease

Our cognition, how we think and feel, is arguably at the core of what makes us human. How does the activity of neurons within the brain produce emotions, thoughts and complex behaviours? To tackle this question...Learn More

Developmental Diseases

The sciences of anatomy and cell biology come together in studies of embryonic development. Members of the department of Anatomy & Cell Biology work to understand normal and disrupted development...Learn More

Biology of Disease

Members of the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology are committed to investigating the cell biological mechanisms that underpin the basis of diseases that are genetically inherited, injury-induced or acquired during aging...Learn More

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) is a research discipline that evaluates the practices of teaching and learning in higher education settings...Learn More

Clinical Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology’s strong history in the anatomical sciences and our long-standing collaborations with clinicians throughout London and surrounding area, have enabled exciting research opportunities wherein fundamental anatomical principles are used to solve clinically relevant problems...Learn More