Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a global leader in integrating knowledge creation and dissemination to change how anatomy, cell biology and neurobiology research and teaching is done.

Our Mission

To champion and enhance innovation in education and research; inspire and empower the next generation of students; broaden community engagement; and create new partnerships to attract and produce the best faculty, staff and students.

Our Goals

In striving to fulfil our Vision and Mission, the Department is committed to achieving the following Strategic Outcomes:

  • Our faculty members are recognized and rewarded for individual and team-based successes in research and teaching (innovation, impact, productivity, funding, training)
  • Faculty and trainees participate in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and dynamic learning and research environment that enhances individual and collective success
  • Departmental education programs are the destination of choice for exceptional students seeking an education in cell biology, neurobiology, and/or clinical anatomy
  • ACB students experience innovative, high-quality teaching, research, and learning environments
  • Students are supported, mentored and enabled to achieve success
  • Graduates have the necessary knowledge and competencies to make significant contributions to their chosen fields