Financial Support

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Anatomy & Cell Biology offers a competitive stipend for all students enrolled in the graduate program.

Students enrolled in the Research stream (Cell and Neurobiology MSc and PhD students) or Clinical Anatomy (PhD only) will receive no less than the base stipend and the funds are guaranteed for the following periods of time:

  • MSc (24 months / 6 terms)
  • PhD (after completion of MSc) (48 months / 12 terms)

Students enrolled in the Clinical Anatomy MSc will receive at least the base stipend for the full length of the program.

  • MSc (20 months / 5 terms)

Stipend levels:
While Anatomy & Cell Biology guarantees every student the minimum stipend (base), we try hard to move students into the higher stipend categories(see below). Cell and Neurobiology research students that accept teaching positions (TA's) or receive scholarships have higher stipend levels. Clinical Anatomy students teach as part of the curriculum but can also receive a higher stipend should they successfully obtain scholarships.

*Please Note - The following stipend levels include tuition scholarships (if eligible) and are subject to change.

Annual ACB Funding Formula (2023-24 Academic Year)

The following are proposed formulas for funding domestic graduate students in the Research and Clinical Anatomy tracks in the Anatomy & Cell Biology Program at Western for students entering the ACB Graduate Program on or after May 01, 2019.


or Cancer Biology
Training Fellowship

(PGS-D or CGS-M)



Domestic PhD
(Res & Clin)






PhD (Res & Clin)


MSc (Res)




MSc (Res)


MSc (Clin)

$6,875 $21,875 $24,375

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships such as OGS, CIHR and/or NSERC in their 4th year. There are several scholarships and training grant awards available to Anatomy & Cell Biology graduate students that help to increase stipend levels. To ensure that our students are as competitive as possible for scholarships, Faculty within the program who have extensive experience serving on scholarship selection panels provide scholarship information seminars and pre-review all applications prior to submission. The results of our efforts are that many students have higher stipends than base since our success rate for scholarships is very high! Approximately, 60% of our students received a major scholarship last cycle and many of our research students TA. Also keep in mind that your stipend dollars stretch further in London!

International Scholarships: