Seminar Series

The Anatomy & Cell Biology Seminar Series occurs weekly on Fridays between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. and will be held virtually on Zoom unless otherwise noted. The Series features talks by Faculty, PhD Candidates, External and Internal guests, all presenting on a variety of topics. Everyone is welcome to attend, for details on a specific seminar see our events calendar or follow the links below. You may also contact with any questions or for more information.

All Graduate Students are required to attend the weekly departmental seminar series and all absences are to be reported via the Seminar Registration Form.

Anatomy & Cell Biology Seminar Series 2021-2022

Date Speaker Title
January 7, 2022

No Seminar Scheduled

January 14, 2022

New Faculty Lecture Series

January 21, 2022

Sarah Cohen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Cell Biology and Physiology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Host: Patrick Lajoie

"Organelle dynamics and lipid trafficking"
January 28, 2022

No Seminar Scheduled

February 4, 2022

Robert Nabi, PhD
Professor, Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia
Host: Patrick Lajoie

"Nanoscopy powered by machine learning: Novel insight into subcellular structure"

February 11, 2022

New Faculty Lecture Series

February 18, 2022 Brooke O'Donnell, PhD Candidate
Anatomy & Cell Biology, Western University
Host: Silvia Penuela
"Uncovering the role of Pannexin 3 in skin health and aging"
February 25, 2022

No Seminar Scheduled

March 4, 2022 Sue-Ann Mok, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Biochemistry, University of Alberta
Host: Martin Duennwald
"“Decoding the sequence determinants modulating tau aggregate structure.”
March 11, 2022

New Faculty Lecture Series

March 18, 2022 Afshin Raouf, PhD
Associate Professor, Immunology, University of Manitoba
Host: Vasudeva Bhat
"Patient-Derived Organoid Cultures Enable the Study of Tumor Microenvironmental factors that regulate breast cancer cell response to therapies"
March 25, 2022

Seminar Postponed

April 1, 2022 Anthony Vecchiarelli
Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Michiagn
Host: Patrick Lajoie
Yes! Bacteria have organelles! How are they organized?”
April 8, 2022 Katherine Quesnel, PhD Candidate
Anatomy & Cell Biology, Western University
Host: Nathalie Berune
"Investigating the developmental and long-term effects of ATRX ablation in embryonic excitatory neurons"
April 15, 2022

Good Friday

April 22, 2022 Gargi Jaju, PhD Candidate
Anatomy & Cell Biology, Western University
Host: Stephen Renaud
"Profiling acetylation patterns to uncover something NEAT about the placenta."
April 29, 2022 Susan Logue, PhD
Assistant Professor, Max Rady College of Medicine Human Anatomy & Cell Science, University of Manitoba
Host: Patrick Lajoie
May 6, 2022

Seminar Postponed

May 13, 2022

New Faculty Lecture Series

May 20, 2022 Paul Lampe, PhD
Head, Translational Research Program, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Host: Dale Laird
"Post-translational regulation of gap junctions: An overview”
May 27, 2022 Victoria Jaremek, PhD Candidate
Anatomy & Cell Biology, Western University
Host: Shawn Whitehead