Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) is a research discipline that evaluates the practices of teaching and learning in higher education settings. The goal of SoTL research is to improve educational quality by evaluating educational practices, assessing the impact of educational innovations, and seeking ways to support deep and effective student learning. Faculty members in the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology explore many topics in SoTL research including the efficacy of technology-integrated learning in anatomy education, visuospatial anatomical learning, active learning spaces, anatomical education for allied health professions, blended and flipped learning in the basic medical sciences, student self-efficacy and performance, and the role of grading practices in shaping students' motivation and behavior. Faculty members engaged in SoTL research frequently collaborate with clinical anatomy students, researchers from the Centre for Education Research and Innovation, Western's Centre for Teaching and Learning, and faculty from within the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Faculty of Health Sciences. SoTL research is an important research area that will continue to impact the future of post-secondary education.

Faculty Researchers