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At your initial screening appointment, you will be assessed to determine if you are a suitable patient for our students.  Please see below a notice which is posted in all Faculty clinics regarding patient suitability:

Notice To All Patients and Prospective Patients

Patients and prospective patients are advised that not everyone is suitable to become or remain a patient in the teaching clinics of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Dental Clinics due to the teaching requirements for our students.  The following criteria may indicate unsuitability:

  • A lack of medical information
  • Extensive and/or complex dental treatment required
  • Patient management challenges are beyond the capability of an undergraduate student
  • Complex medical history
  • Dental treatment needs which are not compatible with our educational programme
  • A combination of any of the above criteria

Prospective patients are reviewed on entry to the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry dental clinics and periodically thereafter.  They may be found to be unsuitable to be treated in the SSMD dental clinics or, due to the criteria above, may be asked to seek dental care in an alternative facility after being a patient of the Faculty clinics.


Complete Dental Services for Adults and Children

The Western Dental Clinic is a teaching institution where patients are selected based on the requirements of our educational program.

The following services are provided:

1. Comprehensive Adult Care

  • Check-up/cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Broken teeth
  • Aching teeth
  • Sore and/or bleeding gums
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Complete or partial dentures
  • Crowns and fixed bridges
  • Implants
  • Treatment of gum disease and mouth infections
  • Extractions
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
  • Preventive care

2. Emergency care

3. Children's dentistry

4. Orthodontics

In some cases the treatment required by the patient may be too complex for our undergraduate students.

The undergraduate clinic may not be a suitable environment for some medically compromised patients.  These patients will be advised to seek treatment from a dentist in the community.

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Western Dental Clinic Fees
The fee for your screening appointment will be $20.00.  If you are accepted as a patient, your student dentist will do a complete examination of your mouth.  Your treatment plan, required time commitments and the estimated fees will be discussed with you before any treatment is started.

The dental treatment is not free; however, clinic fees are 60% of the amount a private dentist would charge.  Payments may be made by cash, cheque, money order, debit card or VISA/Mastercard and are due after completion of each appointment.  In some cases a payment plan may be arranged.

Click here to see Schulich Dentistry Dental Clinics Financial Policies (.PDF)

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Private Dental Coverage
Patients having private dental plans are responsible for paying their accounts.  We will assist in the completion of your insurance forms.  You will receive payment from your insurance company.

Government Assistance
You should get the necessary forms and authorization before starting treatment.  We will collect directly from the government agency.  You are responsible for any balances not covered by government agencies.

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Patient responsibilities

For treatment to progress smoothly you should:

  • Make sure you have enough time to keep appointments before agreeing to become a patient.
  • Each appointment may be up to three hours in length. 
  • Please be on time.
  • If you cannot keep an appointment, please contact your student at least forty-eight (48) hours before the appointment.  This will allow the student to appoint another patient.
  • Cancelling on short notice or missing more than two appointments may result in your cancellation from the clinic.
  • Pay regularly as treatments are completed.

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Patient Selection and Screening Appointment Results
Your first visit will be a Screening appointment.  This short examination allows us to determine your dental needs and your suitability as a patient for the clinic.  In some cases the type of treatment needed by the patient is too complex for our students.  If you are suitable and wish to become a patient we will assign you to a student who will contact you to set up an appointment for a detailed examination.  The length of time between screening and beginning of treatment varies based on the needs of the students, your requirements, and the time of the academic year.

Submitting a Screening Card
If you wish to become a patient please complete a Screening Registration Card.  Be sure to fill in all the sections. After we receive your information a staff member will contact you to arrange a screening appointment.  Wait time may be up to 12 months depending on needs of students and number of applications.

Screening Registration Card

If you are unable to complete the above on-line Screening Registration Card, you may obtain one by contacting the Dental Clinic at (519) 661-3326 or by email at Dental.Clinics@schulich.uwo.ca.

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The University of Western Ontario
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry - Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Location

Map of the Clinic
Map of the University
More Directions


The dental clinic is located on the ground floor of the Dental Sciences Addition, on the University campus just west of the Dental Sciences Building.

Access to the Medical Sciences/Dental Clinic parking lot is from Western Road.  Turn East onto Elgin Drive, into the University campus, and the parking lot is on your left.

From Richmond Street, turn West through the main University gates onto University Drive.  Continue onto Middlesex drive (straight) into the campus, and to your right onto Elgin Drive.  Follow Elgin Drive past Middlesex College, the Natural Sciences Centre, and Medical Sciences buildings, all on your right hand side.  After the Medical Sciences building, the Medical Sciences/Dental Clinic parking lot is on your right hand side.  (See a map of the University here.)

Dental patient parking is available directly in front of the Dental Clinic, in the Medical Sciences lot.  The fee for parking is $7.00 (cash only).  There is limited meter parking available in front of the parking lot, but this is generally not suitable for clinic patients.

Handicap parking
Handicap parking is available in the Medical Sciences/Dental Clinic parking lot.  The parking lot fee is $7.00 (cash only). Wheelchair available on site.

London Transit access
No London Transit bus is scheduled to stop directly outside the Dental Clinic.  If you take a bus into the campus, exit at the Natural Sciences Centre on Elgin Drive.  
Walk past the Natural Sciences Centre, to your right up the driveway towards the Health Sciences Addition (it is signposted outside).  Enter the Health Sciences Addition and turn left.  Follow the corridor and you'll come to double doors at the end of the hall.  (This is the entrance to the Dental Sciences Building.)  Turn right, and head straight down the hall until you come to a short hallway on your left that leads to outside doors.  Go outside, and follow the sidewalk to the entrance to the Dental Clinic.

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