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SSHRC Insight Grant Competition, October 2019

Research Western Deadline: Full application PDF emailed to for review by Friday, October 4, 2019 by or before 2:00 PM.
SSHRC Application Deadline: Researcher submits application to Research Western in the SSHRC web-based forms, Research Western forwards the application to the sponsor prior to the deadline.

The attached Insight Grant Information.pdf contains:
• 2019/20 competition updates
• Team member/role information, and
• Budget reminders

Application Submission Notes:
• Insight Grant applications are not sent directly to SSHRC when you click "submit". They are routed first to Research Services for review and final submission to SSHRC.
• Research Services will not forward an application to SSHRC without a completed ROLA proposal first being submitted and approved. Please plan accordingly.

Research Western Contact Information:
• To email your application directly to Research Services for review/approval, please use:
• Questions concerning the SSHRC Insight Grant competition, please use:
• Questions for ROLA Help, please use:

A complete list of SSHRC Insight Grant links and resources can be found on the Research Western Funding Opportunities – External – SSHRC Insight Grant Program webpage.


Drop-In Weekly Writing Sessions for Faculty

Need some help committing to a regular writing practice?

Come to our weekly, term-time drop-in writing session for faculty, Fridays, 9.30-11:30 a.m., late September-April.

For more information, visit the Faculty Writing Support Program.

This event is part of Western's Writing Support Program--a grassroots enterprise organized by two Western faculty members with support and funding from Research Western. Other events for 2018-19 will be announced in the coming weeks.

ROLA Tips for the Fall

  1. As we approach the fall application season I thought should share some refreshers for navigating your way past the initial proposal entry screen you see when choosing the "New ROLA" button on the Funding Opportunities Page.

    Please refer to Helpful Tips for Using the ROLA System PDF, Instructions for Reviewing and Submitting PDF, and the ROLA Proposal Manual for information regarding the ROLA (Research On-Line Administration) system.

    1. For best results do not use Safari. Please use Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer to prevent budget errors.
    2. Please do not create more than one proposal per application. If you start a proposal and cannot complete it in one sitting, please do not use the New ROLA button, as that will start another proposal. Use the Maintain ROLA link at the top left of the Funding Opportunities listing. This will bring you to the search page where you can search for any existing proposals you have created. You may also call rolahelp x83136
    3. Please make sure you choose the renewal option if you are renewing your existing Discovery grant. Please use the Letter of Intent option for competitions where you may be invited to move on to the next level. (example Foundation Stage 1)
    4. Please only enter the portion of the budget you expect to receive from this particular sponsor.If you are submitting a CRD or other partnered program application, enter the amount requested from NSERC in one proposal, and the amount request from the industry partners in another.
    5. Once you have submitted your proposal, you can check on the approval status here: Grants (ROLA II) > Proposals > Approval Status Review.

    ROLAhelp ( or x83136) is available from 8 AM to 4:30 PM to assist with any difficulties? Please give us a call if you are stuck on something.

There are reseach opportunities within the department for undergraduate students, clerks, and residents. To find out more about opportunities, please see the Research by Division page, and browse the opportunities within each division.

If you have received a grant for research in psychiatry, or you know of a colleague who has received a grant, please e-mail that information to Lindsay Cecile for inclusion on the website.




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