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Research Opportunities: Student/Trainee Researchers for your labs/projects 

It takes a dedicated team to stay up to date on all the amazing research that is ongoing in mental health. To assist in the process of finding new team members, we have been collecting a list of potential new members for faculty! 

 If you are looking for a new research team member, please connect with Nicole Snake ( I will happily share our updated list of interested individuals and their CVs with you! 

 Thank you! 


Call for Research Publications 

We want to recognize and showcase your research as it happens. We kindly request that faculty, residents, and students affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry to please send in the citations of your recent (2021-2022) publications to Nicole Snake (


There are reseach opportunities within the department for undergraduate students, clerks, and residents. To find out more about opportunities, please see the Research by Division page, and browse the opportunities within each division.

If you have received a grant for research in psychiatry, or you know of a colleague who has received a grant, please e-mail that information to Nicole Snake ( for inclusion on the website.




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Updated: July 23, 2020