Resident Research

Residents in the Department of Psychiatry are involved in numerous research activities.

You can find out more information about specific topics and activities below. 

Publications by Psychiatry Residents

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Physician Health in Canada: A Review to Date, the Prince Edward Island Experience, and the Residents’ Perspective Mamta Gautam*, MD, MBA,FRCPC, CCPE; Shabbir Amanullah, MD, FRCPC; Priya Sharma, MD

Dempster K, Symposium Presentation "Transitioning to Practice: Tips and Tricks" at the Canadian Psychiatric Association conference in Vancouver, 2015

Dempster K, Norman R, Theberge J, Densmore M, Schaefer B & Williamson P. Cognitive Performance is Associated with Gray Matter Decline in First-Episode Psychosis -Poster presented at Western University Department of Psychiatry Annual Research Day, 2015.

Dempster K, Symposium: Antipsychotics of the Future: Drugs that Act on the Glutamatergic Pathway and How they Might be Effective, Canadian Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, September 2014.

Dempster K, Norman R, Theberge J, Densmore M, Schaefer B & Williamson P. Glutamatergic Metabolites on MRS and Neuropsychological Testing and Social Outcomes in First Episode Schizophrenia -Poster presented at Society of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting, New York, NY -Oral Presentation at Western University Psychiatry Department Research Day 2014, London, Ontario -Selected for the first Annual CPA Resident Research Colloquium, CPA Annual Meeting 2014; selection entailed presenting a poster and oral presentation to other residents and senior research mentors. -PSI Foundation Resident Research Award, Western University. -Postgraduate Travel Bursary, Western University

Dempster, K, Vasudev A., Heisel, M.J. & Lyness, J. (2012). Cerebrovascular Risk Factors and Suicide Ideation Among Older Primary Care Patients. -Poster presented at London Health Research Day, Western University, 2012. -Oral presentation at Western University Psychiatry Department Research Day, 2012, London, Ontario, awarded "Best Junior Presenter". -Poster presented at CPA Annual Conference, 2012, Montreal Quebec.

Gregory, J,"Not for Human Consumption": Novel Psychoactive Substances in the Internet Age. CPA Annual Conference, Toronto, 2016. Won 3rd prize for Poster Presentation at CPA Annual Meeting, Won Best Resident Presentation for 2015-2016 Academic Year (Department of Psychiatry, Western University). 


Sharma P. Work-Related Stress Among Canadian Resident Trainees. Presented at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Conference, Toronto, 2015. -Awarded best overall poster presentation at Western Department of Psychiatry Annual Research Day

Resident Research Update Group

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Research Guidelines for Residents

  • The primary purpose of residency training in psychiatry is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required in order to provide excellent clinical care. This requires an ability to continuously review and evaluate information regarding new techniques of treatment and assessment. It is, therefore, important that all residents develop core competencies in understanding the basic principles of research design and critical appraisal of research literature. In addition, some residents will be interested in pursuing research as an integral part of their career. It is important that the latter individuals be provided with opportunities to develop greater proficiencies in various research skills.

  • The specific goals and objectives for the Scholarly component of the residency program are, therefore, divided into “core competencies” which are relevant to all residents and “proficiencies” which are relevant to those residents with more specific training objectives in research. It is anticipated that the former will provide the necessary background for those intending to engage entirely in clinical practice, whereas the latter will be of particular interest to residents intending to undertake a career which includes a stronger research component such as an academic career, industry research, etc.
  • The document outlining the Research Guidelines for Psychiatry residents can be found in it's entirety here.

Resident Research Activities

Dr. Priya Sharma PGY5

Gold Shackles or Freedom Band: The Electronic Wristband and its Role in Patient Safety and Recovery-Oriented Care Dr. Sreelatha Varapravan, Dr. Priya Subramanian, Dr. Robbie Campbell, Dr. Amresh Srtivastava, Dr. Priya Sharma The goal of this project is to examine how patients feel about the electronic wrist band used at Parkwood Institute (PI) and examine its role in increasing safety and promoting recovery-oriented care. The objective of this project is to explore patients' and other stakeholders' (families, staff, leadership) experience of the electronic wrist band system and their reflections on its role in patient safety.

Sharma P, Palaniyappan L. Progressive grey matter changes in major depression and bipolar disorder.

Esterlis I, Holmes S, Sharma P, Krystal J, DeLorenzo C. mGluR5 and Stress Disorders: Knowledge Gained from Receptor Imaging Studies.

Bartlett E, Sharma P, DeLorenzo C, Yang J, Buckner R, Parsey R. Prediction of Treatment Response in MDD based on Cortical Thickness and Volumetric Structural MRI Measures: An Establishing Moderators and Biosignatures of Antidepressant Response for Clinical Care (EMBARC) Study.

Dr. Kara Dempster PGY4

I have worked on two projects investigating magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) imaging and cognitive deficits in patients with first-episode psychosis. My first project involved analyzing the associations of glutamatergic metabolites with neuropsychological test impairments in this population. I am currently working on investigating the association of gray matter volume with neuropsychological test deficits in patients with first-episode psychosis.

Dr. Nolan Hop Wo PGY5

"The Prevalence of Mental Illness and Substance Use among Indigenous Post-Secondary Students in Canada" by Nolan K Hop Wo, RN, MD; Kelly K. Anderson, PhD; Lloy Wylie, PhD; Arlene MacDougall MD, MSc, FRCPC.

Dr. Jennifer Dela Paz PGY3

Topic: Functional neuroimaging analysis of youths with mood disorders and cannabis use Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Osuch

Dr. Jonathan Gregory PGY2

"Evaluating the use of smartphone technology in child and adolescent inpatient psychiatry units" (supervised by Dr. Javeed Sukhera)