Parisa Shooshtari

shooshtari.jpgAssistant Professor

PhD University of British Columbia
Scientist LHRI, CHRI, OICR

Office: CHRI, A5-144
Phone: (519) 685-8500 Ext. 55427
Visit: The Shooshtari Lab Website

Research Activities

Keywords: Computational Genomics, Bioinformatics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Multi-Omics Data Integration, Single-Cell Sequencing, Complex Diseases, Gene Regulation, Epigenomics

Description of research activities: My primary research interest is developing computational, statistical and machine learning methods to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying complex diseases. More specifically, I am interested in two related research areas: (a) integrative analysis of multiple biological data in order to uncover mechanisms of gene dysregulation in complex diseases; and (b) application of machine learning methods for the analysis of single-cell sequencing data (sc-genomics, sc-epigenomics and sc-transcriptomics) in order to identify specific cell sub-populations underlying complex diseases.

Research Opportunities

I am looking to recruit undergraduate and graduate students, bioinformaticians and postdocs. Please contact me if interested.