Bekim Sadikovic

Bekim SadikovicProfessor and Program Head, Molecular Diagnostics Program,
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

PhD (Biochemistry) University of Western Ontario
DABMGG (clinical molecular genetics & clinical cytogenetics)
Baylor College of Medicine
Office: LHSC VH, B10-128
Phone: (519) 685-8500 Ext. 53074

Clinical Activities

Keywords: clinical molecular genetics, clinical cytogenetics, NGS, clinical epigenetics, DNA methylation

Description of Clinical Activities: Program Head of the Molecular Diagnostics Program, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - a joint venture between LHSC and St. Joseph's Health Care, London, servicing a wide range of constitutional and oncology molecular genetic diagnostics including Clinical Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pathology, Clinical Cytogenetics, and Biochemical Genetics Laboratories. For more information please visit:

Research Activities

Keywords: NGS, epigenetics, genome-wide DNA methylation analysis  

Description of Research Activities: Dr. Sadikovic’s research interests involve application of genomics technologies to clinical diagnostics with particular focus on development of genomic and epigenomic biomarkers in hereditary and acquired genomic conditions. Dr. Sadikovic serves as the Clinical and Scientific Director of the Verspeeten Clinical Genome Centre, and translational genomics facility which focuses on development and clinical implementation of genomic technologies and biomarkers in care of patients with genomic disorders including hereditary genetic conditions and cancer. The Centre utilizes advanced bioinformatic approaches including machine learning on patient’s clinical and genomics data to novel develop diagnostic tool and technologies. This includes machine learning-based algorithms for diagnosis of hereditary genetic disorders based on patient’s epigenomic profiles called EpiSign. For more information please visit: