Rokhsana Mortuza


Adjunct Assistant Professor
Clinical Research Associate, Hepatology

PhD Western University
HBSc University of Toronto

Lab: University Hospital, Room C8-117
Office: University Hospital, Room ALL-117
Phone: (519) 685-8500 Ext. 36893

Clinical Activities

Keywords: Clinical Trials, NAFLD, NASH, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Alcohol induced liver damage, Liver transplant

Description of Clinical Activities: I work in clinical studies with patients affected by various forms of liver diseases. I have special interest in alcohol induced liver damage or alcoholic hepatitis.

Research Activities

Keywords: Metabolic Disease, Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Alcoholic Hepatitis, Liver Transplant, Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer

Description of Research Activities: My current research focuses on developing a large multinational centralized database registry that captures the main demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with alcohol associated hepatitis at a global level, enabling large scale studies to identify the main trends and determinants of clinical outcomes in order to improve patient care and outcomes. My lab also looks at impact of diet, nutrition, exercise and steroids on patients with various stages of liver disease.

Research Opportunities: Please contact if you are interested in Liver disease research.