Samuel Asfaha


Assistant Professor
Schulich Clinician-Scientist

PhD University of Calgary
MD University of Calgary
Post-doctoral Fellowship Columbia University

Office: Rm A4-140, Victoria Research Laboratory
800 Commissioners Road East
London, ON N6A 5W9
Phone: (519) 685-8500 Ext. 53293
Visit: Division of Gastroenterology

Clinical Activities

Keywords: general gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel diseases, colorectal cancer

Description of Clinical Activities: I am a clinician scientist who practices general gastroenterology and have a special interest in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and colorectal malignancy.

Research Activities

Keywords: stem cells, inflammation, colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases

Description of Research Activities: Our research focuses on identifying the cellular origin of colorectal cancer by characterizing the intestinal and colonic stem cells of the gut. We are focused on understanding the fundamental processes regulating normal and mutated intestinal/colonic stem cells and aim to define the role of these stem cells in tissue regeneration and carcinogenesis. We utilize a range of approaches from transgenic mouse models to in vitro “mini-guts” to elucidate the key pathways important in cancer and tissue repair.