Robert Lannigan


Emeritus Professor

MDCM  McGill University


Clinical Activities

Keywords: medical microbiology, non-HIV STI

Description of Clinical Activities: provision of microbiology results on submitted clinical samples. Provision of clinical services at the Middlesex London Health Unit, STI Clinic.

Research Activities

Keywords: ecosystem health and human health, emerging diseases, climate change, antibiotic resistance

Description of Research Activities: Co-Investigator in project titled, Coastal Cities at Risk, a transdisciplinary project partnering with Bangkok, Manila and Lagos and, in Canada, with a Vancouver team.  My main focus is to determine human health impacts related to flooding events and sea level rise, developing a "composite health index" that can be used as an input for a computer modeling exercise to assess the resilience of the city, as well as to develop mapping techniques that may help policy makers identify areas of the city where adaptive measures could be put in place to increase city resilience to these events.