Joan Knoll


Emerita Professor
Adjunct Professor

PhD University of Manitoba
FCCMG, FACMG, DABMGG (Clinical Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics)


Clinical Activities

Keywords: cytogenetics, molecular genetics/pathology, human/medical genetics, molecular cytogenetics, cancer genetics, genomics

Description of Clinical Activities: Medical Leader, Molecular Pathology Group, LHSC. I oversee molecular pathology (biochemical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, molecular pathology) testing at the London Health Sciences Centre.

Research Activities

Keywords: human/medical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, cancer genetics, genomics, cytogenetic radiation biodosimetry

Description of Research Activities: My research interests are both basic science and translational in nature with the goals of advancing our knowledge of human cytogenomics and moving genetic research findings into clinical/biomedical laboratory settings. Research activities in my laboratory include: 1) examining human metaphase chromosome structure at the submicroscopic level and defining the metaphase epigenome, 2) identifying chromosomal and genome copy number changes and their relationship to inherited and acquired diseases, 3) cytogenetic radiation biodosimetry - collaboratively developing automated high throughput methods to detect radiation induced chromosome abnormalities and estimate radiation exposure in clinical and nuclear events.