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The Gastroenterology and Hepatology Program at Western University was recently recognized as one of the Best Global Universities for Gastoenterology and Hepatology by U.S. News, scoring the second highest rank in Canada and 22nd world wide. Click here to see more! 

 Research Lab

The Gastroenterology Division consists of Clinician Scientists, Clinician Researchers, and Clinician Teachers who conduct both basic science and clinical research in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology.  Active areas of research include inflammatory bowel disease, hepatology, gastrointestinal bleeding, colonoscopy quality, and colon cancer.  We conduct epidemiological studies, lead multi-centre randomized controlled trials, utilize ‘big data’ through ICES and other registries, conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses, perform translational research from ‘bench to bedside’, explore genetic links to diseases, and investigate the cellular origin of colon cancer.  Research training opportunities are available from undergraduate medical students to research fellowships for clinicians as well as graduate students.

Read more about the Gastroenterology Division's Clinician Scientists and Clinical Researchers: 

Paul Adams

Samuel Asfaha (The Asfaha Lab Website)

Mayur Brahmania

Brian Feagan

Vipul Jairath

Reena Khanna

Adam Rahman

Michael Sey

Aze Wilson