GI Quality Improvement, Innovation, and Patient Safety (GIQIIPS)

Mission Statement

Adopting the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim framework, the GIQIIPS committee will strive to provide leadership in innovation, quality improvement and patient safety education complemented by research and collaborative networks within the London Health Sciences Centre healthcare system. Recognizing patient safety and quality improvement involves medical science and health services research but also other disciplines the educational and research activities of the committee will draw on individuals and institutions in diverse disciplines and professions. Our mission will fall into two primary categories of strategic activities:


GIQIIPS will engage in improved care coordination and transitions across settings of care. Specific research topics will include clinical informatics, over or underuse patterns, and innovative models for teaching the concepts and methods of quality improvement, and improving methods for identifying patient safety problems in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

On the frontline of healthcare, individual clinics, wards, and hospitals seek to develop solutions to patient safety problems, improve efficiency, and make care more patient-centered. These efforts benefit from the input of researchers with expertise in quality improvement, but are seldom led by such experts. In order to increase the capacity of institutions to develop, successfully execute, and evaluate local improvements in care, we will engage prospective learners in a number of education and training efforts within the division to foster the tools required to undertake successful improvement projects in any practice settings.


GIQIIPS will foster connectivity between groups working in patient safety and quality improvement. These fields span different healthcare professions, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health. The heterogeneity of these fields, compounded by the academic tendency to work in professional or disciplinary silos, can make for a very fragmented landscape. GIQIIPS, through will seek to foster connections between groups working in patient safety and quality improvement so that groups working on the same problems can learn from each other and also so that groups using different techniques and methods can benefit from collaboration.