Internal Medicine Program

Department of Medicine (General Inquiries)

Fax: 519.663.3232
Phone: 519.663.3511

Department of Medicine (Call Schedule)

Phone: 519.663.3511

Dr. Hatem Salim

Program Director

Pager # 15329
Phone: 519.685.8500 ext. 32862

Dr. Selay Lam

Assistant Program Director

Pager # 19316
Phone: 519.685.8500 ext. 58827

Ana Malbrecht

Education Manager

Contact re: Training Requirements, Curriculum Rotation and Faculty Evaluation, Resident Progression and Educational Objectives, Resident Counseling, Resident Remediation, Leaves of Absence, Accreditation Standards, Budget and Expenses, Simulation, Resident Recruitment: CaRMS/R4 Match/ISRs
Phone: 519.663.3511

Marnie Bensette

Postgraduate Program Officer

Phone: 519.663.3511

Tara Smith

Postgraduate Administrative Assistant

Phone: 519.663.3511

Marika Wilton

Undergraduate Education Assistant

Contact re: Education Office Customer Service, Undergraduate and Clerkship Administrative Support, Visiting Electives
Phone: 519.663.3511

Deb McLaughlin

Visiting Electives Administrator

Contact re: Visiting Student Electives, Visiting Resident Electives, undergraduate observerships, postgraduate observerships
Phone: 519.663.3511