Welcome to the Department of Medicine


The mission of the Department of Medicine, at the University of Western Ontario, is to provide excellence in the art and science of medicine and healing at the patient’s bedside, in clinics, in classrooms, research laboratories, and the community. The evidence of our success will be reflected in patient and community evaluations of our care, student reports on our teaching, and the quality and quantity of our research output and support.


We will, constantly, strive to:

  • enhance our research capability, productivity, and impact.
  • expand, and enrich, our educational programs.
  • provide the best student experience.
  • strengthen, and support, our faculty and staff.
  • foster collaborations, and integration, locally, regionally, and globally.
  • build our infrastructure, and funding base.







James E. Calvin, MD, MBA, FRCP(C), FACC, FACP
Chair/Chief Department of Medicine