Program of Experimental Medicine (POEM)


Program of Experimental Medicine

The Program of Experimental Medicine (POEM) mandate is to pull together, strategically and operationally, the research activity of the Department into a single structure. In March 2009, the Department of Medicine (DOM) Practice Plan Members voted to support the creation and implementation of POEM. Accordingly, this is a DOM Practice Plan Member-funded program to support DOM faculty.


Provide the research environment and leadership to enable unbridled research excellence and success for the DOM faculty based on the following principles.

Measure what we value

Create a structure for the systematic quantification and evaluation of research output and success by the DOM faculty members.


Enable research support and core resources to those engaged in research, recognizing the continuum of research abilities, time commitment, and experience.


Provide research focus and direction that avoids silos and encourage teamwork and collaboration among the DOM faculty. Focus on improvements in the mentoring and academic development for our research-committed / intensive junior faculty.

POEM Resources

Please check the Program of Experimental Medicine (POEM) website for a complete list of resources and/or contact for a pdf copy of the POEM Research Guide Handbook.