Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020

Congratulations to all of our graduating students of 2020. This significant milestone represents the culmination of all of your hard work and the commitment to excellence that is central to all programs in Anatomy & Cell Biology.

As you reflect upon your accomplishments, I know this is a bittersweet occasion for many of you. At a time normally reserved for celebration and looking forward to the next exciting chapter of your career, the current global pandemic has cast a shadow over life as we know it.

Although you may be feeling some trepidation about your future (even more than usual!), I hope you will consider a few pieces of advice to remind you of the amazing skillset you have gained during your training that will ensure your success.

Resiliency and adaptability: as scientists, we are used to experiments not working and/or leading to unexpected findings. After a disappointing result, we reflect, trouble-shoot, and persist until we bring our studies to a conclusion, often with a much more exciting outcome than we ever imagined. Think of your life as one big experiment—even when it seems as though your “master plan” has been de-railed, if you stay open to unexpected new opportunities great things can happen.

Creativity: I am confident that your time in Anatomy & Cell Biology has cultivated the natural curiosity and creativity that is inherent to all successful scientists. Now more than ever, use that creativity to find ways of accomplishing your goals. There will be lots of things that used to be easy but now just can’t be done “the way we used to”. That’s okay, because you have the skills to create new and better ways of doing things that will impress your new bosses, mentors and teachers and lead you on the path to success. You’ve got this!

Finally, always remember that your most important legacy will be the impact you have on the world around you. The current global situation has highlighted the critical need for science, collaboration, and evidence-based decisions to improve the world around us. I hope that you will use your considerable talents kindly, wisely, and for the greater good.

Congratulations again – we are so proud of you

Alison Allan, PhD

Chair, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology