Nomination Tips

Here are some tips you may find helpful when preparing your nomination package for the Awards of Excellence. It’s very important to remember that the award recipients will be selected based solely on the information you provide in the package, so more details and specifics are most welcome.

Tip #1
Read the criteria for each award very closely. Please note that previous winners may not be re-nominated for the same award; however, previous winners may be nominated for different awards. No recipient can receive two awards in one year, whether as an individual or a member of a team.

For example, if someone received an award as a member of a team, they can’t be nominated for an award as a member of another team.

Tip #2
Please keep your primary nomination letter to no more than 500 words. Be concise and to the point. What makes this individual or team deserving of this award?

Tip #3
Always provide specific examples that support each of the award criteria identified for each individual award within the nomination package. It’s important that all nomination letters use specific examples.

A guide for writing an example is:

Instead of writing: “John is always thinking of others."

Explain how by writing something like:

“A typical example of John’s efforts to share his knowledge and expertise with others includes the time he organized a series of educational sessions for new staff in our area. He even arranged for guest speakers from across campus to share information about their services.”


Instead of writing: “Jane is solution-focused”

Explain how by writing something like:

“An example of Jane’s solution-focused approach is the establishment of a new process for tracking applications into the Program. This had been identified as an issue for the Program, and Jane took this project on, researched options and worked with the team to identify a new approach. We have found this approach has improved our effectiveness in communication with students.”